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Air source heat pump water heater

Air source heat pump water heater

  • 24 hours constant temperature cycle, it will be hot when it is turned on Accurately calculate and configure the capacity of the water tank to store the hot water interval that needs to be used within 24 hours a day; the application of multi-layer heat preservation measures in the heat preservation water tank can later ensure that the temperature drop of the hot water in the water tank within 24 hours is ≤3°C, which can effectively ensure the all-weather constant temperature cycle. Hot water is hot when it is turned on. Brand new control system, more stable operation Adopt a new intelligent control system to monitor the outside air temperature, water tank temperature, etc. 24 hours a day, automatically regulate the operation of the unit to ensure the stability of sufficient hot water production; and a special leakage protection system inside the unit to ensure more stable and safe operation of the system.
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Wind And Rain For Several Years, Quality Has Created A Brand Jiangsu aosikang new energy Co., Ltd
Quality assurance Manufacturer customization

Quality assurance Manufacturer customization

Customized by the manufacturer to ensure that the product is stable in terms of high efficiency, energy saving, safety and environmental protection, operation, specifications, and appearance and color.

Capacity advantage Punctual delivery

All-round quality control from raw material procurement and production to ensure stable and excellent products; direct spot supply, sufficient inventory, and punctual delivery.

Capacity advantage Punctual delivery
Technical team Supporting services

Technical team Supporting services

More than ten years of industry experience, high-quality technical team, quality and quantity production, free pre-sale and after-sales service.

Service guarantee Integrity management

One-to-one after-sales service follow-up for customers, promptly solve customer problems and technical support.

Service guarantee Integrity management
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ASCOM Five-star Service Is More Intimate All aspects of pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales solutions make it easier for you
  • Pre-sale Service

    Filter products according to customer needs and issue corresponding product quality inspection reports to support remote video viewing of products

    ASCOM Pre-sale Service
  • In-sale Service

    Multiple guarantees of logistics and transportation, fast delivery and dispatch of experienced installers on-site installation, providing remote video installation guidance services

    ASCOM In-sale Service
  • After-sale Service

    7*24h all-weather telephone online after-sales maintenance Do everything with gratitude

    ASCOM After-sale Service
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