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A must-see for family installation of central air-conditioning, in-depth answers to typical common q
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A must-see for family installation of central air-conditioning, in-depth answers to typical common q

VIEWS: 828 RELEASE DATE: 2021-06-15
Should wall-mounted air conditioners or central air conditioners be installed in the home? Many owners are more entangled.

Should wall-mounted air conditioners or central air conditioners be installed in the home? Many owners are more entangled.

With the improvement of people’s living standards, I think that household central air conditioners will be the trend of home air conditioners in the future! Of course, 2016 is also the year of the outbreak of air energy + central air conditioners. Many owners who plan to renovate are now also very concerned about this 2 co-supply. Or 3 combined supply (air conditioning + floor heating). But as far as I am concerned, many customers who really want to buy do not actually understand, so today I will sort out some more targeted questions for you. Hope to have friends with the majority of friends who have renovation plans. To learn more about floor heating + central air conditioning, please pay attention to the official website of Shanghai Tongwang Refrigeration Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd.

Let me first talk about my personal thoughts:

Concept explanation: Air energy central air conditioning + floor heating system. Simply put, it uses a host system of air energy to produce hot water of no more than 55 degrees in winter, and it is used as a heat medium to circulate in a dedicated pipe for heating. The floor heating decoration layer, and then heat the ground through the conduction of ground radiation and convection. In the summer, the same host is used to change to the air-conditioning cooling mode. The air-energy host will produce cooling water that meets the required temperature. The cooling water passes through the circulation system and exchanges heat in the fan coil to blow out the cold air.

First of all, from the perspective of beauty and environmental protection.

According to your house type, if you install a single air conditioner, you need to install 4 air conditioners separately (PS: such as my home, living room, dining room, master bedroom and second bedroom), then prepare 4 places for compressors outdoors, and indoors. You need to occupy a certain area and space on the wall and living room to put the indoor unit. According to your house type, you only need to design a place for the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. For example, put it on the balcony of the living room. Every room will not hear the more or less noise from the air conditioner compressor, and the indoor unit of the air conditioner is installed in the ceiling of the room, which perfectly combines the interior decoration. In summary, the household The central air conditioner is an air conditioner that is really invisible and inaudible!

From the perspective of energy saving:

Energy saving is also a relative concept. I think it’s more interesting to talk about energy efficiency ratio, that is, when using one kilowatt-hour of electricity, which kind of air conditioner can produce more cooling capacity, its energy efficiency ratio is higher. There is no doubt that central air conditioners consume more electricity than traditional air conditioners. , Just like color TVs are definitely more power-consuming than black-and-white TVs, and the problem you worry about is the problem that so many air-conditioning manufacturers have been committed to solving. Now the energy-saving technologies of air-conditioning in the world are changing with each passing day, and many air-conditioning energy-saving technologies are widely used. For example, frequency conversion and digital scroll, if you care about how much electricity is used to turn on the air conditioner, you are advised to give up buying central air conditioners. After all, central air conditioners are still a luxury for the Chinese people. The central air conditioners may not be installed in the home when you start the car. Those who have central air-conditioning in their homes must have private cars. (A bit extreme)

From the perspective of reliability and daily maintenance:

The reliability of the central air conditioner is indeed not as good as that of the traditional household air conditioner. This is also a result of relative comparison, because the traditional cabinet-mounted machine cannot be called an air conditioner system, while the household central air conditioner can be called a system, although the principle is the same. , But the latter is more complicated, but in terms of installation and maintenance, the central air conditioner is not complicated. If you install a 6-pole cabinet-mounted machine, it will be overhauled or repaired once a year, and the central air conditioner will be repaired a year. Or check and maintain twice, which one do you think is convenient?

As far as your room type is concerned, installing a world-brand central air-conditioning system is only 40,000 yuan, domestically produced no more than 30,000, and going home every day is the same as staying in a hotel, it's worth it!

But the same, like a coin has two sides. Central air conditioning also has its advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages of household central air-conditioning

1. Fast and uniform cooling and high comfort:

Each indoor unit of household central air conditioner has a supply air outlet and a return air outlet. The air circulation is more reasonable, the indoor temperature is more uniform, and the constant temperature of ±1℃ can be maintained. The human body feels more natural and comfortable, especially the water system central air conditioner ( Water system central air-conditioning price, brand), comfort is very high; while traditional household wall-mounted machines and cabinets are prone to airflow dead angles, obvious indoor temperature differences, and easy to get air-conditioning diseases. Household central air conditioners often have one host connected to multiple terminals, which means that one outdoor unit can be connected to multiple indoor units, so as to deliver air-conditioning or heating to different spaces. In addition, the cooling speed is relatively fast, and the corresponding temperature can be reached in about 5-6 minutes, and the air supply is also relatively uniform, which can keep the indoor air fresh and comfortable.

Ordinary household air conditioners tend to be relatively slow in terms of cooling speed, about 10 minutes or more, and temperature fluctuations are also relatively large, occasionally there will be hot and cold conditions, and the comfort of indoor air will be relatively Poor.

2. Save space, beautiful and fashionable:

The household central air conditioner indoor unit is concealed in the ceiling, which avoids occupying indoor space like a cabinet machine, and brings more freedom to the placement of furniture, such as placing a flower stand in the place where the cabinet machine is placed; "Weimei's installation method can be well integrated with decoration and decoration, invisibly improving the effect and quality of room decoration, while the pipelines of ordinary cabinets and wall-mounted machines are exposed, which is very unsightly.

Household central air conditioners generally adopt a hidden installation mode. The indoor unit is installed in a hidden ceiling space, which can enlarge the indoor space to a large extent, and the installation of the entire central air conditioner is also integrated and coordinated with the interior decoration style. Yes, it can maintain the overall beauty and fashion.

Ordinary household air conditioners generally occupy the wall or floor space, which not only affects the size of the entire indoor space, but also obscures part of the indoor decoration, which affects the overall decoration effect, which has an impact on the aesthetics, and it also appears Not stylish enough.

3. Low cost of use and long life:

The traditional split unit is greatly affected by the change of indoor environment temperature. The fixed frequency air conditioner compressor starts and stops frequently and consumes a lot of power; while the central air conditioner adopts DC frequency conversion technology and new refrigerant technology, each indoor unit can be individually controlled, which room is needed The room is turned on when refrigerating, and the outdoor unit "outputs on demand", so that the compressor is always in the best working condition and the power consumption is small. And, the larger the room area, the more cost-effective it is to install central air-conditioning.

The initial installation cost of household central air conditioners may be relatively high. Since the entire installation project is relatively systematic, a large amount of investment is required. However, the current central air conditioners are becoming more and more cost-effective, such as Daikin and other brands. In addition, considering the long-term benefits, household central air conditioners are more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and consume less energy. For long-term households, they will consume less electricity and, more importantly, have a longer service life. The service life of household central air conditioners is generally between 15-20 years. If it is a ground source heat pump central air conditioning system, the service life of the system is 50 years. Therefore, the service life of central air conditioners is at least twice that of household appliances. Therefore, the overall price is more appropriate.

The initial installation of ordinary household air conditioners is relatively simple, the cost is low, but the energy consumption is high, the service life is about 5-8 years, and the cleaning is also more troublesome. Therefore, from a long-term perspective, its use price is relatively high.